I'm so full of regret and pain.
My heart hurts so much and it's difficult to contain.
I'ts hard to function normally.
I'ts hard not to break down in my daily life.
Nobody knows i'm totally broken inside.
It's tiring me out and i can't stop thinking about you.
I have so much stuff to remind me of you.
I just can't throw it out.
I don't think i can deal anymore.


I found out 3 days ago that you moved on.
Moved to another person.
It was then that i realized i lost you.
Everything we were and we had.
Now you are ignoring me and blocking me.
I can't believe you can do this to me.
Did i mean so little to you.
We were together for almost 4 years.
How can it end like this.
How can you treat me like this.
I thought we had something special.

Gonnie lief

I regret not treating you right.
I regret not appreciating you.
I regret everything i did wrong.

I wish i could start over.
I would do it all differently.
I want to go back in time.

I can't stop thinking about what if.
I can't stop thinking about our time together.
I can't stop thinking about you.

I love you
I miss you so much
You were everything to me

break up

It happened again. My broken relationship.
Almost 4 years flew by. And now the end is here. I can't believe it.
So much things i wish i had done differently.
I'm so sorry for the pain i caused you.
And i'm sorry for where we are now.
How did this happen?
Do i really mean so little to you, that you can just give me up like this.
4 years of memories to throw away and to forget.
I saw you in my life and in my future, to have and to hold.
How did we grow apart and stand here where we are now. Seperate and alone.
I'm so sad that we can't do the things we had planned for eachother.
I don't want to realize that you're not going to be in my life.
But i start to and it breaks me.

on the other side of the planet

you are on my mind even after everything that happened..
when i have holidays and when i'm on the other side of the planet.. i still think of you
i don't know why, i don't want me to think of you
because it hurts everytime.. i feel so empty everytime
i think about my memories i have of you.. i can remember me being happy and in love.. with you laughing .. i can't stop thinking about it
why can't i move on.. i don't want to be sad anymore
i don't want to miss you anymore..


i can't even tell you how dissapointed i am
you never thought i was important enough..
and.. it's still the same
how can i still want you, when u care soo little about me

our silient goodbye

was that our last exam together?
was that the last time i'd see you?
will i ever see you again?
we won't get back together ever again right?
i know this, and it hurts so much
i just can't stop crying
i am so angry with myself
that i'm not able to tell you how i feel
how much i'm broken

i miss you, can't you see??

i am about to die because of the dreams about you
in my dreams, we always make up in the end
we always have the scenario's i wish were real
today, i only realised after a time that it was only a dream
how my heart hurts, it's breaking me
how can i miss you like that
how can i want you like that
it's so difficult to go on like this
i can't believe i'm not getting what i want soo bad


today is such a sad lonely day for me
i saw you today, and my whole body wasn't acting as i wished it did
you were only a few meters away from me
but the distance between us was soo big
it has never been this big before
today you made me break down in tears several times
how can you still hurt me so bad after this time